Welcome to tomsawyer.com.au, just a place for me to show a few things I want to share.

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T-Rex Systems

Truck consignment tracking system using GPS, on board Scales (weight cells), Drivers Diary and more.  Build specificlly for the logging industry and any other industries with unknown weights on pickups, this helps ensure legal maximum gross weights do not exceed government limits.

Built using technologies : - .Net Core, Azure, SQL Server, Angular 9, Winforms..


POETS, Piss Off Early, Tomorrows Saturday.  Cooking all the countries main dishes in world.  Ran out of steam doing many African countries and now just using this as a place for my recipes.

WordPress hosted CMS.

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HMS Victory

Adam an dI built a model model ship of the famous HMS Victory, Lord Horatio Nelson's flagship.

Built using redgum timber over 3 years, she was built for show not for water and we automated it with opening sides so you can see the fitted out decks including the Hold, Orlop and gun decks, also with sails that raised and lowered and 100's of LED lights all controlled from a Raspberry Pi running Node and Javascript.

HSD Logo

I am a founding director of HSD (Hammond Street Developments Pty. Ltd.) which we formed in June 1996 and still going strong.

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Tom Sawyer Productions

A hobby of mine, primarily editing docos and music productions but ended up kitting up with some cameras and other supporting equipment.

Was a Final Cut dude, but when Final Cut X came out with missing features I migrated to Adobe Premiere and have not looked back, maybe I should, hmmm!